Server Rules

It all boils down to: No griefing EVER (even crops), no xray, clean language, and be nice.
    1. Players will, at all times, act morally in regards to server rules, other players, and staff.
      1. Griefing is not allowed, in any form, in any location. Without evidence that you had the right to modify any player-owned structure, creation, land, crop or animal, it will be considered a grief.
      2. Theft, lying, or harassing others is not allowed.
      3. Your actions must always be considered respectful towards others.
    2. Your account must be under your control at all times. Your account will be punished for any activity by any violation of these rules.
    3. Players will not take advantage of known flaws in the minecraft, bukkit, or plugin architecture.
    4. Machines built to expose or take advantage of item duplication glitches will be destroyed, in addition to standard punishments.
    5. Players may not use AFK excessively (logging in after afk kick to go afk again, using mods to automate afk, etc). This includes: Afk-fishing, Afk-mining and afk in general to rank up faster.
    6. Players must not use any client-side modification that gives them unique abilities compared to the vanilla client. Mods, texture packs, scripts, or plugins that expose the location of ores, natural underground structures, underground chests, and other players are specifically illegal - often known as X-RAY.
    7. Auto-clickers or anything used to automate mouse clicking are prohibited.
    8. Using alternative (alt.) accounts to gain an upper hand during contests, giveaways, or any other gameplay mechanic is strictly prohibited.
    9. Team members withhold the right to ban any player, at their discretion, despite possibly not violating any rules. However must first get permission from an admin.
    10. Team members reserves the right to remove any user from any service at any time for any reason.
    1. Once a user is engaged in a PvP battle, they are not to log out mid battle.
    2. Abusing a residence to gain the upper hand in a PvP battle is not allowed.
    3. PvP within 20 blocks of another players residence is not allowed.
    4. Fly-PvP is not allowed at any time, with any weapon.
    5. Do not toggle your PvP Toggle status while near other players.
    6. If a player has PvP disabled, do not attempt to kill them with environmental methods.
    7. Do not use teleports/warps to gain an upper hand in PvP battles.
    8. Spawn/Spam killing is not permitted.
    1. No cursing, no implied cursing. No trying to bypass the censor for bad words.
    2. No insulting, offensive, or intentionally troubling comments towards others.
    3. Anything that's commonly accepted as inappropriate for an eight-year-old is considered disrespectful.
    4. Frequent, or long sentences with all-uppercase characters are not allowed.
    5. Automated text-entry is not allowed.
    6. Statements that imply you are going to grief, or that you are going to encourage, participate, or be party to any griefing activity will be taken as an official announcement and involved parties will be banned.
    7. Statements that imply the intention of disrupting the services and operation of the server software, hardware and related systems will be taken as an official announcement and involved players will be banned from all services.
    8. Do not advertise other servers to our players.
    9. Communication rules also apply to in-game sign text, creations/builds, and on our Discord server.
    1. Team members include Builder, Helper, Staff, Admin, Head Staff, Head Admin, and Owner ranks.
    2. Team members must set an example for all players by following the rules.
    3. Team members must respond to all questions or calls for assistance as soon as they reasonably can.
    4. Team members may enact any accepted punishment on a player or team member as long as they have evidence to prove a violation.
    5. Team members must use valid ban reason at all times, failure to do so will result in immediate termination.
    6. Team members may ask TheStriker095 for assistance obtaining log and other data, only after attempts to find the information has failed.
    7. Team members may never use moderator-only permissions/tools for personal use. Anything which gives an advantage over others is for investigating, and resolving issues.
    8. Team members who are inactive for 2 months will be demoted without warning, unless a valid notice of absence is given beforehand.
    1. Players should not ask in global for money. Repeat offenses will result in a warning.
    2. Players are in charge of their own money and shops. Players who lose money through buying/selling items, etc will not be reimbursed.
    3. Players must attempt to sell valuable items, or at least in valuable quantities, for reasonable dollar amounts.
    1. Premium, Ultimate, Ultimate+, and Platinum members are not to share abilities with other players.
      1. This includes but is not limited to...
        1. Creating or placing monster spawners for anyone other than yourself.
        2. Selling monster spawners without listing what groups can use them.
        3. Creating a large residence for anyone other than yourself.
        4. Creating or running machines for anyone other than yourself.
        5. Creating mechanisms for anyone other than yourself.
        6. Creating circuits for anyone other than yourself.
    2. Premium, Ultimate, Ultimate+, and Platinum members are not to use abilities to gain an upper hand during PvP.
    3. Team members reserves the right to modify store items/packages at any time.
    4. By purchasing a membership you agree to both our terms of service, and refund policy.
    1. The website is made available, and is created, modified, and managed by TheStriker095.
    2. Any player is free to use all portions of the website open to their rank level.
    3. The owner and admins may decide to revoke website account access for any reason.
    4. Any activity that can be seen as griefing content on the blog, or forums may result in a ban from both the website, and possibly the server. If you sign up for any of the LiveAndBuild.Net websites you agree to the terms of service.
The information on this page was last updated on the 30th April 2022.
We may modify the information on this page at any point in the future without prior notification.