As most of you already know, LiveAndBuild has been updated to Minecraft version 1.16.1 – The Nether Update. I am happy to announce that with this update we have also introduced the ability for both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (MCPE & Win10) users to join the server. This is very exciting news as it will finally allow cross-play between two of the most popular Minecraft versions! Unfortunately due to policy restrictions with Nintendo Switch Online, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live, cross-play between these consoles is impossible.

Furthermore, the Nether has been regenerated in accordance with the latest version of Minecraft which introduced many new generation to the Nether. This includes but is not limited to: new biomes, new blocks, & new mobs. All Residences in the Nether have also been removed.

As usual, I invite you to join the server (IP: mc.liveandbuild.net) and our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/HxPt7aN) for the latest announcements and updates!

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